The peacock club evolution

the pea cock club poster the pea cock wall paper peackock wall paper



As I don’t have being doing much ( since Im in holidays from college) Since then, procrastination have been my major hobby… I drew a peacock feather in my “scotch” book  i meant sketchbook ( just trying to be funny, I know, its better don’t) using watercolour pencil, them I scanned in photoshop and inverted the colors and repeated a million times the same image…. So came to my mind the idea to do a poster to the peacock club( its a imaginary club, its was jus what came to my mind)…this is the result of a person who gave up to watch arrested development  to try to be a little more creative.

Jesus flight work sheet

In college our work experience was to build something that flies , and try to incorporate our objects to it.  So, for my work experience I built a balloon.  The balloon at first was supposed to be in the sacred heart shape, as I have done some printings, etching, of a human heart before. I used the print in the work sheet. My work sheet  was mainly made in collage, very little drawing and printmaking.IMG_0467 IMG_0470 IMG_0468